CS1110 Online Python Tutor Interface

Research Study

We are conducting a research study to help us understand how people write programs and develop better strategies and tools to help students. As you use this tool as part of your normal activities in CS 1110, this tool is recording the intermediate stages of your program. This data is being recorded anonymously and will be stored on a secure server. Only members of the research team will have access to the data.

We do not anticipate any risks to you participating other than those encountered in daily life. Your participation is voluntary and will not affect your grade in this class in any way. There are no direct benefits to you. You will not be compensated for participation in this study. If you do not wish to participate, or change your mind about participating, please click the button:

The researchers conducting this study are Erik Andersen (ela63@cornell.edu) and Walker White (wmw2@cornell.edu). Please contact them if you have any questions. You may also contact the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at 607-255-5138 or access their website.

Based on the Online Python Tutor created by Phillip Guo .

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